Professional Development Update

July 2, 2020

What's in this update

Initiative 271 — Your action is required to enable a road to recovery during a fiscal and health crisis

Yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court invalidated Gov. Polis' order to allow for single line petitions. Effective immediately, all signatures gathered via single-line petition are invalid, and no prospective circulator may order a single line petition.

What does this mean for the effort?

With the deadline for signatures for Initiative 271—Fair Tax Colorado only weeks away, we need everyone to act now. Without action, it won't make it onto the ballot, leaving Colorado without a road to recovery during a fiscal and health crisis. 

What actions are needed? Please pick one or more of the following:

  1. We need everyone to order or pick up a traditional 40 line petition. (Our goal is just 10 signatures per petition, unless you are an overachiever.)
  2. We need everyone who has not signed a petition to find a petition carrier and sign one. You can also get in touch with a mobile petition carrier who will come to you so you can sign.
  3. Participate in Fair Tax Saturdays on July 4, 11, 18, and 25 by setting up your own signing table. Sign up details here.
  4. If you cannot help with signatures, we need your help with a donation to assist the signature gathering process.

Learn more about Initiative 271—Fair Tax Colorado, what it means for your own school district, and how you can help get it on the November 2020 ballot. Don’t delay as the deadline is the end of this month!

District-specific factual summaries
CASB Conversations Webinar
CASB Connections Podcast
Website resources

Inclusivity. No silence. Equality. Equity.

What do you do as you seek to move forward in the discussion and with action? Check out the following CASB Connections Podcasts and let us know what your district's efforts are in relation to its equity work. 

Voices of Education in Colorado with Bill de la Cruz
Voices of Education in Colorado with Joyce Brooks

Ordering your PPE to prepare for next school year

CASB’s BuyBoard program gives you the opportunity to purchase PPE and other items necessary to begin your 2020 school year. BuyBoard is a national purchasing cooperative program with the highest standards in place and this benefits you. As a CASB member, you can gain access to all of the BuyBoard vendors by simply activating your membership. Find more information and membership activation details on our CASB website. You can also learn more about BuyBoard listening to this CASB Connections Podcast.

If you have any vendors that you currently use or you think would be interested in submitting a response to one of the upcoming proposals below, please refer them to the BuyBoard.

COVID Resources
BuyBoard recognizes that this is a difficult time for school districts. To assist you, BuyBoard is providing some specific details on how to purchase deep cleaning, PPE safety supplies, and distance learning equipment through the BuyBoard purchasing program. Some of these products are most likely in short supply, but hopefully this will help expedite your search.

Our Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services contract (591-19) offers structural and contents cleaning and restoration, HVAC decontamination and air duct cleaning, building deodorization, water extraction and structure and content drying to help you with managing and recovering from disasters of all kinds.

Other contracts that include PPE, thermal/temperature products, cleaning and sanitizer products and distance learning/technology products.

Contract Name
Building Maintenance, Repair, Operations Supplies and Equipment (577-18)
Custodial Supplies and Equipment (569-18)
First Aid, Emergency Medical, and Athletic Trainer Supplies and Equipment (610-20)
Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment (573-18)
Public Safety and Firehouse Supplies and Equipment (603-20)
Technology Equipment, Products, Services, and Software (579-19)
Software as a Service (SaaS), Cybersecurity Assessments Products and Services (607-20)

Please remember, many vendors may have these items on backorder, so we suggest contacting them and/or submitting an RFQ request to identify who is able to accommodate your order.

PPE Approved Vendors


Share your knowledge and expertise with your peers

The deadline for submitting a proposal to present at the 80th Annual CASB Convention on December 3-5, 2020 is Monday, August 3.

The theme for this year is 80 Years of Leading a Vision for Colorado. Consider sharing your expertise and experience in order to help your peers learn from your own experiences. We are seeking session presentation proposals from school districts, school boards, thought leaders and like-minded organizations.

Learn more and submit your proposal soon.

Call for Presentations