February 23, 2024

CASB believes that quality public education is the foundation for our nation’s economic prosperity, community’s quality of life,
and every child’s opportunity to live their best life. The following are current events and opportunities for our members:

  • Are you interested in expanding your advocacy role as an elected Board member? Then the CASB Legislative Resolutions Committee or the Federal Relations Network may be for you. Please contact CASB Director of Public Policy and Advocacy Matt Cook ([email protected]) for more information.
  • 2024 Congressional Art Competition has Officially Opened!
    • Artwork entered in the contest may be up to 28 inches by 28 inches, up to 4 inches in depth, and not weigh more than 15 pounds. If your artwork is selected as the winning piece, it must arrive framed and measure no larger than the above maximum dimensions.
CASB Departments Serving You
  1. Executive Director
    1. Dr. Jubal Yennie ([email protected] or (303) 302-3808)
  2. Director of Finance
    1. Susie Griffin Butler ([email protected] or (303) 302-3806)
  3. Deputy Executive Director
    1. Leslie Bogar ([email protected] or (303) 302-3805)
  4. Director of Public Policy and Advocacy
    1. Matt Cook ([email protected] or (303) 302-3807)
  5. Staff Attorney (Legal Information)
    1. Rachel Amspoker ([email protected] or (303) 302-3803)
    2. Mikayla Unruh ([email protected] or (303) 302-3801)
    3. Hilary Daniels ([email protected] or (303) 226-6886)
  6. Policy Department
    1. Kristina Gutierrez ([email protected] or (303) 302-3811)
    2. Holly Burg ([email protected] or (303) 302-3810)
    3. Diana Calderon ([email protected] or (303) 302-3804)
  7. Communications Specialist and Registration Questions
    1. Bryce Reedy ([email protected] or (303) 302-3813)
  8. Events Specialist
    1. Gabriella Wilson ([email protected] or (303) 302-3809)
  9. Administrative Assistant (Board of Directors Questions or Meeting Room Reservation Requests)
    1. Tracy DeMeo ([email protected] or (303) 302-3812)

Colorado Association of School Boards

2253 S. Oneida St., Suite 300

Denver, CO 80224