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  • Lisa Webster
    Lisa Webster came to the Summit RE-1 Board of Education out of the blue. The wild blue yonder, that is.
    Lisa, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, is a former C-130 pilot who retired from the U.S. Air Force after a 20-year career.
    In her role as a board member, Lisa brings organizational experience gained in postings such as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and communications experience from conducting executive-level command briefings for multi-national forces in South Korea.
    After moving to Summit County with her husband and son, Issac, in 2010, Lisa became active in schools and the community. She volunteered at Upper Blue Elementary School and worked with Summit Youth Orchestra, Colorado Learning Connections and Summit Advocates for Gifted Education (SAGE).
    Lisa grew up in Hawaii, Northern California, Northern Maryland, and Denver, where she experienced busing as an attempt to promote equity and diversity in schools.
    Lisa’s parents, Ray and Vai, always emphasized the importance of education, so she values that essential role of public education, but she also promotes the visual arts, extracurricular activities and alternative education opportunities.
    Lisa, elected in November 2015, is treasurer of the school board. As a candidate, she said, “The school district is on an upward trajectory, and I just want to help keep that going, continuing to improve and make our kids so that they grow to be successful, happy adults.”

    ~ Lisa Webster, Summit RE-1
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  • Monica Peloso
    Being a school board member, what makes it all worthwhile?

    The celebrations Monica attends at schools …
    Seeing the incredible variety of areas we have to celebrate – from academics to athletics to the arts to community service projects, to name but a few – and the many different kids who are succeeding and excelling in all these different areas gives me hope for the future of our world! (I know, I’m very mushy!)

    Connecting with her community, having an impact …
    I love when people who work or live in the district feel comfortable enough with me to share something that might be hard or feel a little dangerous, because they know that I will take them seriously, investigate whatever the issue is and find a way to circle back to them to provide a response.  … I like helping my community by becoming an expert in an area that affects all of us, but can be complicated (or downright boring), and translating that information for people in a way that they can use.

    What makes the job challenging?

    Difficult moments, such as …
    When friends ask you to find out things that just aren’t their business (like about other kids, or disciplinary issues, etc.).

    ~ Monica Peloso, Cheyenne Mountain 12
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  • Paul Reich
    Why am I on the school board?  Why is it worth it?  

    Whenever I am addressing our staff, I make a point of saying that I, as a board member, have the easiest job in the room (and perhaps the least important one).  While it may not always seem that way when meetings run long or an unhappy parent stops you on the street and expects resolution to their problem, it is true. Our teachers and staff, those who spend their day with our children, have the hardest jobs and, I would argue, the most important jobs.  It is through their efforts (not mine) that we are changing our world.  

    I recently spoke to my 20-year-old son … and he said that he is interested in going back to school to be a teacher. Why? In part, it is because he realized that those were the individuals that he’s always looked up to and have always helped him. That says it all, right?

    Editor’s note: We think Paul is awfully modest, but we’re sure his story resonates with many board members. When a student succeeds, parents, teachers, administrators, staffers and, yes, board members should take pride in making an investment in the future.

    ~ Paul Reich, president, Telluride R-1


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