CASB Delegate Assembly & Business Meeting

Delegate Assembly - October 7 at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs
Business Meeting - December 7 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs

The Delegate Assembly is the foundation of CASB’s governance structure and provides critical direction to CASB when it represents members’ interests before state and national policymakers.

Each CASB member school district has the opportunity to send a voting delegate to the annual Delegate Assembly. It does not matter if your school district has 150 students or 30,000 students: each delegate vote counts the same.

Through their Delegate, every CASB member board receives a vote, and the resolutions adopted at the Assembly help to guide our organization in advocating for laws, rules, and regulations that will support each and every student in Colorado. These resolutions, in conjunction with guidance from the CASB Board of Directors, the Federal Relations Network, and the Legislative Resolutions Committee, provide the foundation for CASB efforts at the State Capitol in Denver and on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

The Assembly begins with adopting the standing resolutions that “roll over” from year to year. The standing resolutions highlight the foundational elements of the CASB legislative platform. Following the standing resolutions, Delegates will debate new legislative resolutions submitted by CASB members. This process ensures that resolutions reflect the current issues and concerns of Colorado boards of education.


Below you will find helpful resources that were discussed during the Voting Webinar:


It is now time to select your district's voting delegate (and alternates) for the 2023 Delegate Assembly. Every district is allowed to have ONE voting delegate to participate in the assembly (either in-person or virtually). We are implementing a new remote voting system this year, so we must insist on strict deadlines and will need your assistance in submitting this form by September 12, 2023 by 5 p.m. Voting delegates should be voted on/selected by your district's Board of Education.

If for any reason delegates are selected or reported after this deadline, districts will have to submit a proposal to the CASB Board of Directors for appeal to be reviewed on September 22. We appreciate your assistance to complete the delegate form before the September 12 deadline. Please let us know if you have questions or special circumstances.


For the first time, virtual voting will be offered to members for the 2023 Delegate Assembly in a trial run. This option will be open to voting delegates who wish to attend the assembly on October 7 virtually. Pricing for this option will be $25 per person to help with the cost of the voting software. When filling out the form you must use the information for the district's official voting delegate. Each district is allowed to have one voting delegate.

Following your completion of the registration form you will receive a Zoom link for the Delegate Assembly. More information regarding the virtual voting software will be sent out in a few weeks. CASB will be hosting a webinar to go over the voting software and answer any questions. Virtual attendees are required to attend this webinar.

At the Delegate Assembly, Legislative Resolutions will be debated and voted upon. The work of the CASB Bylaws Review Task Force will be presented at the Fall Conference portion on October 6. They will NOT be discussed or debated at the Delegate Assembly but WILL be discussed and debated at the December Convention/Business Meeting.

Things to Note Regarding Virtual Voting:

  • Since this is a new process, members voting virtually will NOT be able to participate in floor conversations
    • Members will be able to hear discussions being made in person via the Zoom but will ONLY be allowed to vote virtually
    • Virtual attendees will NOT be able to submit floor resolutions
  • Only ONE voting delegate from each district will be allowed to attend the Zoom
    • All other non-voting members will not be allowed to participate virtually
  • You MUST pre-register and you MUST complete the voting delegate form
  • All virtual attendees will be responsible for their own internet connection and technology
    • Votes will not be redone or paused due to a bad personal internet connection
  • Virtual attendees MUST have their cameras on at all times during the Delegate Assembly
  • If you are registered to attend in person you CANNOT cancel and change to virtual attendance
  • An alternate cannot be recognized virtually or in person unless that alternate was submitted by the September 12 deadline along with the 'elected' delegate

Please contact Matt Cook with any questions or concerns regarding the resolutions or CASB's advocacy.

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