2024 Key Legislative Priorities

CASB believes that public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy, backbone of our economy, and catalysts for successful communities. Every student should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and participate meaningfully in the civic and
economic life of their community, regardless of their zip code, race, learning needs, or background.


CASB will engage policymakers on the following key priorities this legislative session:


  • Buy down of the Budget Stabilization Factor (BSF)
  • Increased funding for Special Education (FSR1, SR4)*
  • Increased Rural School Funding (LR6)*
  • Preserve BEST program funding
  • Influence the work of the Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance
    • Changes to School Finance Formula (LR14)*
      1. At-Risk factors
      2. Cost of Living adjustments
  • Federal funds (LR12)*
    • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
    • Ongoing COVID relief funds


  • Advocate for state CMAS testing not to be used in order to add a school to the accountability clock
  • Advocate for policies to help schools recover lost learning for students as a result of the COVID health pandemic


  • Advocate for the reduction of unfunded mandates placed on locally elected Boards of Education
  • Advocate for policies that support locally elected Boards of Education


  • Ensure the new state process supports and allows local control by locally elected Boards of Education

*The CASB Resolutions Book provides a full list of all resolutions passed by our membership.

The mission of the Colorado Association of School Boards is
"The Colorado Association of School Boards, through leadership, service, training, and advocacy, engages and supports local boards of education to advance a system of public schools where each and every student is equipped to meet their full potential."