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2023 School Board Election:

The 2023 Biennial School Board Election will take place on November 7, 2023. The below links provide information specific to this election, including deadlines, checklists with dates included, and other resources. 



Elections Seminar: 

  •  CASB's Elections Seminar took place June 16, 2023 in-person. This free seminar included information presented by the Secretary of State's office regarding the school director election process and campaign finance. 


Other Resources: 

Other Election Resources:

The below resources are not specific to the November 7, 2023 school director election, but provide general information applicable in all election years.

Ballot Issues test:

Plan of Representation:

Fair Campaign Practices Act:

Term Limits:

Vacancies & Appointments:

Recall Elections:

Additional resources:

Colorado Secretary of State (SoS) election resources:

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