Resources for 2020 School Elections

CASB is pleased to provide the following information to assist school board candidates and school districts' designated election officials in this year's election on November 3, 2020.

CASB Election Timelines

As a benefit of CASB membership, CASB’s Member Legal Resources Team developed legal memos and other resources regarding school board elections, ballot issues, the Fair Campaign Practices Act, a proposal to change the school board's plan of representation, and eliminating or revising board member term limits. The Member Legal Resources Team also developed sample board resolutions and other resources. To access the memos and related information, please sign in with your CASB username and password.

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Resources include:

Ballot Issues Elections

  • School District Ballot Issues memo
  • Sample board resolution concerning authorization of additional local revenues

Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA)

  • FCPA memo
  • FCPA Do's and Don'ts

Change Board's Plan of Representation

  • Proposal to Change Plan of Representation and/or Change Number of Directors memo
  • Sample plans
  • Sample ballot questions

School Board Term Limits

  • Modifying or Eliminating School Board Term Limits memo
  • Sample board resolutions to modify or eliminate board term limits
  • Sample ballot questions to modify or eliminate board member terms limits

Recall Elections

  • Recall of School Board Directors memo

Additional resources

Colorado Secretary of State (SoS) election resources


The resources provided by CASB's member legal resources department are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Specific questions should be referred to the district's or BOCES's own legal counsel.