Professional Development Update

August 7, 2020

What's in this update

Time to register for the CASB Fall Regional Meetings

It's time to register for your upcoming CASB Regional Meeting! While the meetings will be held virtually this year, they will provide a valuable opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from neighboring districts. Join your peers where you can share ideas and hear from CASB's knowledgable staff as they offer up-to-the-minute insights to help boards make sound governance decisions.

This year's agenda will focus on important legal and policy updates regarding reopening schools and Title IX changes, an update and explanation of the issues on the November ballot, and ample opportunities to connect and learn with your fellow school board members. 

Registration is free and we are looking forward to your participation! 

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Recognize and honor a school board member who has gone above and beyond

Do you have a special board member who ...

  • is or was an active board member for the past year?
  • has served above and beyond the call of duty?
  • has demonstrated such service that you want to recognize him/her in a special way?

It could be that member who has ...

  • served your community for many years.
  • accomplished a major milestone.
  • demonstrated significant community service.
  • demonstrated a focus for all children in the district, including a focus on student achievement.
  • worked well with fellow board members.
  • pursued self-improvement and growth in boardsmanship.
  • worked tirelessly as an advocate for the district and its students.

The CASB McGuffey Award honors unique board members who bring committed and passionate service to their board work. Every district has the opportunity to submit one board member each year. Honorees are recognized at CASB’s Fall Regional Meetings and featured on our website, through social media, and during the Annual Convention. 

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Delegate Assembly goes virtual this year

The CASB Delegate Assembly plays a vital role in helping CASB chart its advocacy course. The CASB resolutions passed at the Delegate Assembly become the foundation of CASB’s advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels. You can learn more about last year's work by visiting the 2020 Legislative Summary on the CASB website (please make sure to login as it is a member-only resource).

Based on feedback from our membership, CASB will hold the 2020 CASB Delegate Assembly as a virtual meeting on Friday, October 30, from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. The virtual format will allow for the greatest level of participation at a time when our members' travel budgets have been cut and restrictions on in-person meetings are in place and continually changing.

The Call for Resolutions will open soon — so it's time to start planning with your board. The deadline for resolutions is Thursday, September 10.

As a way to help chart its course, CASB relies on each school district to identify a delegate to participate in business meetings, such as the upcoming Delegate Assembly. The following podcast provides additional information on the role of the school board delegate and resolutions:

Episode 1 - The Role of the School Board Delegate and Resolutions
Do you have a desire to serve as the delegate for your school board? It's not as daunting as it sounds. Matt Cook, CASB's Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, shares details on the delegate's role and responsibilities, the crafting of resolutions and what goes on at the CASB Delegate Assembly. This is democracy at its best! Interview with Matt Cook, CASB Director of Advocacy and Public Policy Host: Leslie Bogar, CASB Director of Professional Learning.
Discussion Guide: The Role of the School Board Delegate and Resolutions

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We will be sending out additional information in the near future. Please reach out to Matt Cook, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, with any questions you may have.

Learn skills to help you during times of high stress

This week's CASB Conversations webinar focused on how to help school board members tackle their emotional wellbeing, move through difficult conversations, and turn discomfort into progress. Understanding the importance of maintaining your social-emotional health is key, and as we learned from Rosalind Wiseman, CASB keynote speaker for the 2019 Convention, dignity is the root of social-emotional health.

The webinar recording covers these important topics and addresses questions from school board members, like:

  • How do you help others who are emotionally hijacked?
  • How can school board members handle moments of high conflict?
  • What's the difference between rules and principles? 

Listen to the recording of Cultures of Dignity Co-Founder Rosalind Wiseman and Charlie Kuhn in this interactive webinar designed to help you be better prepared to respond to parents and colleagues' concerns, while providing you with tools you can immediately put to use.

Webinar Recording
Powerpoint slides


Ordering your PPE to prepare for next school year

CASB’s BuyBoard program gives you the opportunity to purchase PPE and other items necessary to begin your 2020 school year. BuyBoard is a national purchasing cooperative program with the highest standards in place and this benefits you. As a CASB member, you can gain access to all of the BuyBoard vendors by simply activating your membership. Find more information and membership activation details on our CASB website. You can also learn more about BuyBoard listening to this CASB Connections Podcast.

If you have any vendors that you currently use or you think would be interested in submitting a response to one of the upcoming proposals below, please refer them to the BuyBoard.

COVID Resources
BuyBoard recognizes that this is a difficult time for school districts. To assist you, BuyBoard is providing some specific details on how to purchase deep cleaning, PPE safety supplies, and distance learning equipment through the BuyBoard purchasing program. Some of these products are most likely in short supply, but hopefully this will help expedite your search.

Our Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services contract (591-19) offers structural and contents cleaning and restoration, HVAC decontamination and air duct cleaning, building deodorization, water extraction and structure and content drying to help you with managing and recovering from disasters of all kinds.

Other contracts that include PPE, thermal/temperature products, cleaning and sanitizer products and distance learning/technology products.

Contract Name
Building Maintenance, Repair, Operations Supplies and Equipment (577-18)
Custodial Supplies and Equipment (569-18)
First Aid, Emergency Medical, and Athletic Trainer Supplies and Equipment (610-20)
Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment (573-18)
Public Safety and Firehouse Supplies and Equipment (603-20)
Technology Equipment, Products, Services, and Software (579-19)
Software as a Service (SaaS), Cybersecurity Assessments Products and Services (607-20)

Please remember, many vendors may have these items on backorder, so we suggest contacting them and/or submitting an RFQ request to identify who is able to accommodate your order. For additional information or assistance, please contact Travis Maese at [email protected].

PPE Approved Vendors