Congratulations 2021 McGuffey Award Honorees!

The CASB McGuffey Award honors unique board members who bring committed and passionate service to their board work. Every district has the opportunity to submit one board member each year. Honorees are recognized at CASB’s Fall Regional Meetings and featured on our website, through social media and in the 81st Annual Convention program. It takes just a small amount of your time for a worthy recognition.

Region 1
Tony Claflin
Akron School District

Christi Herrick
Liberty School District

Kory Kessinger
Akron School District

Randy Kirkwood
Fleming School District

Kim Langley
Yuma School District-1

Dan Ross
Yuma School District-1

Region 2 
Janet Kravig
Karval School District RE 23

Wendy Pottorff
Limon School District RE-4J

Region 3
Rita Marquez
Granada School District RE-1

Justin Miller
McClave School District

Natalie Musick
Granada School District RE-1

John Wittler
Vilas School District RE-5



Region 4
Christophe Febvre
Poudre School District

Josh Fox
Weld Re-7

Peggy Wakeman
Weld RE-5J

Region 5
Krista Holtzmann
Douglas County Schools

Kevin Kerber
School District 27J

Ryan McCoy
Westminster Public Schools

Jack Reutzel
Littleton Public Schools

Lloyd Worth
School District 27J


Region 6
Mary Bielz
Cripple Creek Victor School District RE1
Region 7
Dr. Elise Sullivan
Moffat County RE-1
Region 8

Region 9
Wendy Fischer
Sierra Grande R-30

Cheri Post
Salida School District, R-32,

Region 10 

Region 11
Ron Germann
Delta County 50J

Region 12
Tammy Hooten
Montezuma Cortez RE-1

Blake Mitchell
Mancos RE-6



Consider the following when choosing a board member for this prestigious award:

  • How has the board member been actively and positively engaged in the work of the board?
  • What actions have you seen indicating the board member has gone above and beyond in their role and responsibilities?
  • How has the board member actively served the community?
  • What major milestone has the board member accomplished?
  • How has the board member demonstrated their focus on serving all children in the district?
  • What positive influence has the board member had on fellow board members?
  • What professional development activities relating to the work of the board has the member continuously been active in attending?
  • How has the board member continued to engage in advocacy efforts for the district?

First published in 1836, the McGuffey Readers were a series of seven books with stories and poems that taught reading and grammar to students as well as help them develop good character qualities. It was one of the most widely used and influential textbooks of its time in transferring knowledge and the virtues required to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship in a free society.