Joint Statement from CASB, CASE, and CEA on COVID-19



March 13, 2020


DENVER — As Colorado addresses the public health issues related to COVID-19 ("Coronavirus"), CASB, CASE, and CEA members have many questions. Rightly, your communities are looking to local leaders for answers and direction as we move forward.

We know that the primary concern for all of us is the safety and well-being of students, families and staff. For some Colorado students, schools are the one place where they can count on receiving a healthy meal. We commend the districts who have already made arrangements for students to have access to food during school closures, and encourage other districts to do the same should they decide to close.

Educators want to be in the classroom with their students. While temporary school closures may be the best decision from a safety and public health standpoint, it is critical to think about how our teachers and staff will be paid. Together, CASB, CASE, and CEA are asking our members to thoughtfully consider all avenues available to minimize any negative impacts on employees.

No district makes lightly the decision to lose instructional time because of school closures. As schools prepare for this reality, CASB, CASE, and CEA are strongly advocating for leadership from the Colorado Department of Education and Governor’s office to waive state assessment requirements for students. Districts must focus first and foremost on continuing to keep students and staff safe and to support them during this unprecedented and stressful time; standardized testing should not be the primary focus or priority.

Our organizations are fully committed to providing our members with the most current information and support to address your policy, legal, and advocacy questions. Please make sure you are monitoring the CASB, CASE, and CEA websites, member email, and social media channels for updates and know that you have our support as you navigate these challenging circumstances.

In the days ahead you may be called upon to make some difficult decisions and we encourage you to continue to refer to the current guidance from state and local health departments. Please don’t hesitate to contact CASB, CASE, or CEA with questions or concerns. As always, we appreciate your leadership and all you do to support students.

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