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Behavioral Health:

Episode 3 - Voices of Education in Colorado with Rosalind Wiseman (32 min)

Do “respect” and “dignity” mean the same thing? Actually, there’s a big difference and one that’s inadvertently hurt a lot of our youth. Dive into the details with NY Times bestselling author, Rosalind Wiseman as she discusses her organization, Cultures of Dignity, and how she learns from and incorporates the voice of youth experts in the field – teens. 

Discussion Guide: Voices of Education in Colorado with Rosalind Wiseman

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Episode 2 - The Multi-Tiered System of Supports for K12 Schools (28 min)

Learn the basics of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports, or MTSS, and how school boards can help to promote universal mental health for each and every student. Find out about online training and more.

Interview with clinical psychologists Lisa Costello, Ph.D and Catherine Wolcott, Ph.D

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Episode 1 - Your Social-Emotional Health (58 min)

School board members typically put themselves last in line when it comes to self-care and we are at a point in time where anxiety and stress are mounting. There is a path forward in self-care and it is grounded in the principle of dignity; our collective belief that each of us has inherent worth and our relationships matter.

Interview with: Cultures of Dignity Co-Founders Rosalind Wiseman and Charlie Kuhn 

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