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Board Effectiveness Workshops and Retreats

CASB Board Effectiveness Workshops and Retreats Team

Randy Black, Director of Member Relations

Alan Hentschel, Executive Assistant, Member Relations

Workshops and Retreats

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective and expert facilitation to help rejuvenate a school district's governance team. CASB offers the best!

Does your board team need help with teambuilding or communication, or does it need to work on some trouble spots? CASB's custom workshops and retreats can help you meet your district's unique needs. CASB facilitators work with school boards, in the following general areas:

  • Basic boardmanship
  • Board member relations
  • Board/superintendent relations
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication and public relations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective board meetings
  • Advocacy
  • Visioning and goal-setting
  • Strategic Planning

CASB staff members travel to school districts across the state on a regular basis. If you wish to schedule a special meeting, don't hesitate to call.

Board Effectiveness

Creating a plan of action and accountability will catapult your governance team toward achieving defined goals.

That's why CASB can come to your district to help your board create a custom strategic plan to meet your district's needs.

CASB staff members are prepared to lead your district's leadership team through a highly personalized and interactive strategic planning process. After this session, you will leave with:

  • A full grasp of the strategic planning process
  • A deep understanding of the board's role in its development and implementation
  • Strategies for communicating to your community about the plan
  • A commitment to your role as a board in keeping the plan vital and effective