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Member Legal Resources

CASB Member Legal Resources Team

Kathleen Sullivan, Director of Legal Programs

Michelle Murphy, Of Counsel

Beth Friel, Staff Attorney

Robin Marlow, Executive Assistant, Legal

Member Legal Resources

CASB's Member Legal Resources Team provides general information and consultation to member boards of education, administrators, school attorneys and others as a benefit of CASB membership.

CASB's Member Legal Resources Team educates school boards and administrators about the law to help them avoid legal problems. On a day-to-day basis, this involves the following types of activities:

  • providing information about state and federal laws and court decisions as requested;
  • developing memoranda about legal issues affecting school districts throughout the state, i.e. nonrenewal process, elections, recent court decisions;
  • writing articles to include in CASB publications to inform board members and administrators about the law;
  • providing legal seminars and training sessions to school board members and administrators;
  • writing amicus curiae ("friend of the court") briefs to support school districts on issues of statewide importance;
  • reviewing legislation and assisting with CASB's legislative efforts;
  • participating on task forces and other committees that involve education law issues; and
  • recommending that the board consult with an attorney when it appears that legal services are needed which are beyond the scope of CASB Member Legal Resources.

The services of CASB's Member Legal Resources Team are advisory only and are not intended to supplant the services of legal counsel employed by school districts and boards of cooperative educational services.

Members are welcome to use CASB Member Legal Resources any time they are needed, as a benefit of your CASB membership. We do not charge any CASB member for these services no matter how often a member requests them.

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Board Member Information Update

Boards of Education in Colorado have an ongoing statutory duty to inform the Colorado Department of Education of any changes to the make-up of the board. Colo. Rev. Stat. § 22-32-109(1)(d).

After every school director election or appointment, please complete this form, print it and fax it to: CDE Office of Data and Research, 303-866-6888. Please also include duplicate copies of each newly elected or appointed board member's Certificate of Election/Appointment.

Please also update CASB! Please update your District Information and your Board Member Information by clicking those links.