Uniform Mill Levy

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A Special Delegate Assembly was held on Thursday, February 28, as part of th2019 CASB Winter Legislative Conference. Its focus was on the topic of re-establishing a uniform statewide school mill levy, a proposal that is complex and has significant implications to the CASB membership. CASB delegates voted to approve a resolution that provides CASB staff with the direction needed to lobby and to work to influence this legislation.

Why did CASB hold a Special Delegate Assembly on February 28?

  • The Delegate Assembly is the foundation of CASB’s governance structure and provides critical direction to CASB when it represents members’ interests before state policymakers.
  • CASB is being proactive in having its membership discuss and provide guidance to CASB on a proposal that would be “one of the most significant pieces of education legislation in Colorado in years.” (Colorado Sun)
  • This concept is complex and has a significant impact on our membership.
  • Having a resolution adopted by CASB membership will give CASB significant leverage in shaping this legislation.

It’s important to remember that all money raised through property taxes stays local. If the district’s school mill levy goes up, that means the district will raise more revenue through property taxes that will go toward funding its local schools. If a district’s school mill levy goes down, it means the state share will need to increase in order to make up for the decrease in local revenue raised.

This Q&A page provides additional information on:

  • What are the benefits of adopting a uniform school mill levy rate?
  • What are the challenges/downside of adopting a uniform school mill levy rate?
  • Why is the legislature considering a move to a statewide uniform mill levy?
  • Will this solve school funding issues in Colorado?
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