Colorado Association of School Boards

Colorado Association of School Boards

CASB Director Voices-Monica Peloso

Monica Peloso
Being a school board member, what makes it all worthwhile?

The celebrations Monica attends at schools …
Seeing the incredible variety of areas we have to celebrate – from academics to athletics to the arts to community service projects, to name but a few – and the many different kids who are succeeding and excelling in all these different areas gives me hope for the future of our world! (I know, I’m very mushy!)

Connecting with her community, having an impact …
I love when people who work or live in the district feel comfortable enough with me to share something that might be hard or feel a little dangerous, because they know that I will take them seriously, investigate whatever the issue is and find a way to circle back to them to provide a response.  … I like helping my community by becoming an expert in an area that affects all of us, but can be complicated (or downright boring), and translating that information for people in a way that they can use.

What makes the job challenging?

Difficult moments, such as …
When friends ask you to find out things that just aren’t their business (like about other kids, or disciplinary issues, etc.).

~ Monica Peloso, Cheyenne Mountain 12