Colorado Association of School Boards

Colorado Association of School Boards

CASB Director Voices-Paul Reich

Paul Reich
Why am I on the school board?  Why is it worth it?  

Whenever I am addressing our staff, I make a point of saying that I, as a board member, have the easiest job in the room (and perhaps the least important one).  While it may not always seem that way when meetings run long or an unhappy parent stops you on the street and expects resolution to their problem, it is true. Our teachers and staff, those who spend their day with our children, have the hardest jobs and, I would argue, the most important jobs.  It is through their efforts (not mine) that we are changing our world.  

I recently spoke to my 20-year-old son … and he said that he is interested in going back to school to be a teacher. Why? In part, it is because he realized that those were the individuals that he’s always looked up to and have always helped him. That says it all, right?

Editor’s note: We think Paul is awfully modest, but we’re sure his story resonates with many board members. When a student succeeds, parents, teachers, administrators, staffers and, yes, board members should take pride in making an investment in the future.

~ Paul Reich, president, Telluride R-1