Letter from CASB representative on CHSAA Board of Directors

Letter from CASB representative on CHSAA Board of Directors

Hello Fellow Board Members,

I am your Representative on the CHSAA Board of Directors.  I would like to thank your Athletic Directors and Superintendents for filling out the survey sent to your schools by CHSAA.  It has been very helpful for us to set our goals for the coming year.  The main item that came out of the survey was better and more communication between CHSAA and the schools.  Communication is the key for any organization to be successful.  We have set that as a goal for the organization and the Board of Directors.  Ways for you to communicate to CHSAA is to email or call.  Each sport has its own assistant Commissioner.  If you have any questions, it is better to direct them to the appropriate commissioner.  You can also email me, and I can direct your question to the appropriate place.  Also, you can email your district representative for your area.  Your AD is also a good connection that can relay your questions to your league presidents.  You can encourage your Athletic Directors and Superintendents to get nominated for a committee through your specific leagues.  Being on a committee is a way of being a positive role model for our students.

CHSAA has also added an assistant commissioner which will oversee activities and leadership.  There are big things coming with leadership for your students.  Stay tuned.

There is a shortage of officials across the state.  Encourage your friends to become an official or a volunteer official for your school.  Those volunteer officials might be willing to get registered with CHSAA to become a full time official. 

As you all probably know there has been a significant amount of new Athletic Directors across the state.  CHSAA will be directing resources and support both virtual and in person to address the turnover and additional challenges presented by the health orders/mandates.  You can also have them reach out to veteran Athletic Directors across the state to give support. 

On the Road:  CHSAA Admin teams have a goal to attend and celebrate regular season events with you and your school communities.  If you have a game that is a big rival, invite them to come and see the excitement and sportsmanship.

I am honored to be a part of the CHSAA Board of Directors.  Those of you that know me know my passion is public schools and the students we serve.  School board members can be such a positive influence for our student athletes, teachers, and administration.  We all strive to do what is the best for our students in both athletics and academics, which go hand in hand.  It takes us all to help our students to become awesome leaders!  Remember to stay focused on the “Why” to do great things for our students! 

If you have any questions about CHSAA and CASB please contact me.  Here’s to an amazing year for our kids!

Wendy Pottorff
Limon School Board
[email protected]

Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes!



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