Fall Delegate Assembly Conference

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    Fall Delegate Assembly Conference

    CASB hosted the Annual Fall Delegate Assembly Conference on Friday, October 13, 2017. Overall, the conference was a great success. The majority of our members enjoyed the entire day, particularly the PERA general session and the Gubernatorial Candidate discussion. In fact, much of the feedback CASB staff received was that they wanted more! Attendees would have liked the entire day to have consisted of these two sessions.

    There was much of the same when it came to the two breakout sessions. One CASB member told staff that this was her fourth DA Conference and it was by far the best she’d been to. Her sentiments were echoed by the majority of our attendees. However, accountability and SB 191 are complex topics which require more time for in-depth discussion. Overall, the evaluations and comments we received were positive with the average ‘conference grade’ being a four out of five!

    Fall Delegate Assembly photo
    Delegate Assembly

    CASB hosted the Delegate Assembly the following day. We again received high ratings for the overall grade. This was fantastic considering technology was not on our side. Although staff tested the voting system prior to the start of the assembly, as Murphy’s Law would have it, all went south once voting began. CASB staff was thankful for the patience of the delegates and after a short delay, the voting commenced with ease. Delegates were able to get through all 24 resolutions with amendments and these will be posted, as amended, within the next week.

    Due to the short delay from the technology issues, we were unable to discuss the resolutions from the floor. Staff received five of them and a motion was passed to discuss the floor resolutions at the Business Meeting to be held during the CASB Convention on Thursday, November 30 from 2:50-4pm.