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Colorado Association of School Boards


Implementing effective communications strategies is no easy task, especially when taking into account the distinct internal and external audiences of each school district. While some are fortunate to have an in-house communications expert, most districts — especially rural — do not. That’s where CASB can help!

Communication Benefits

CASB’s public relations experts can work with school boards to create a top-notch communications program that can
help boards:
  • Engage and connect better with district staff and the community
  • Get a specific message out to the media
  • Learn to listen to staff and the community more effectively
Members also can get up-to-date education, legislative and conference information by accessing CASB's website, publications, email newsletters and social media channels.

Custom Communication Solutions

CASB’s custom communication solutions sharpen board members’ ability to communicate well with a variety of publics — a skill that is essential for effective boardmanship.

CASB can coordinate a communication audit to assess how well school districts are communicating with and engaging their staff and community.

It is designed to:
  • Identify gaps in communication and misperceptions
  • Offer suggestions for capitalizing on communication strengths
  • Find the best methods for reaching intended audiences
  • Assess the level of trust between the district and its publics
  • Recommend strategies for improvement
CASB also can coordinate on community engagement to help design an organized process through which school boards can listen to constituents’ thoughtful deliberation about important issues through study circles, community forums and other face-to-face methods.

CASB can conduct focus group research with district staff and the community to assist boards in making important decisions.
Contact Communications Director Joe Watt at 303-302-3811 or or visit our Learning Center for additional communications resources.