Fall Regional Meetings

  • 2018 Fall Regional Meetings

    Stay tuned for upcoming information on our Fall Regional Meetings sheduled during September and October 2018! We'll be traveling to our 12 regions for either dinner or lunch. 

    2017 Fall Regional Meetings Recap

    Fall Regionals were both educational and resourceful as CASB’s regional team met with board members in the 12 regions. Not only did Ken DeLay, executive director; Matt Cook, advocacy and policy director; Randy Black, member relations director; and Carrie Warren-Gully, 2017 board president of CASB, enjoy their road trips, they also gained insights from each region in regard to talking about what we can’t talk about. These topics were revisited during the 77th annual CASB convention Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2017. 

    State representative Dave Young was in attendance for a majority of the CASB regional meetings in order to speak with board members and show his support for public education in Colorado. You can read his remarks and questions here.

    McGuffey Awards were presented during the regional meetings. To see the list of awardees, click here.