2019 CASB 79th Annual Convention

  • We are looking for bold and visionary ideas for our 79thAnnual Convention in December. Anyone is able to submit an idea for topics they would like to see covered during our convention.  We are looking for best practices, tips and inspirations for school board members and superintendents.

    Be creative with new ideas; visionary! Think outside of the box. This is not a presentation proposal.

    When thinking of topics, focus on the following:

    • a topic that you believe is critical
    • a topic that is visionary
    • a topic that hasn’t been rehashed year after year

    This is not a session proposal, but an invitation to suggest – click on the Suggestion Box below.

    Deadline for Suggestion Box submissions is Friday, March 29th.

    Suggestion Box FAQ’s

    Tips for submitting your idea:

    1. Be specific with your topic.
    2. Be mindful. Will this reach our audience and is there a takeaway?
    3. Be refreshing. What visionary ideas should your peers hear about? Don’t rehash the same old same old.
    4. Be realistic. Don’t present ideas that are not doable for all regions of the state.
    5. Be enterprising. Choose a topic that helps others learn something practical they can use quickly.

    Suggestion Box