2019 Legislative Session

  • The 2019 Legislative Session commenced on Friday, January 4, 2019 with Democrats having majorities in both the Colorado House and Senate, in addition to the Governorship, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

    Annual Budget Debate Now Underway
    The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) finished its work on crafting the budget and on Monday, March 25, the Long Bill will start its two week journey in the Senate and then in the House. It returns to the JBC on April 7. 

    Here’s what the Committee proposed for K-12:

    • $185 million placeholder for full-day Kindergarten; Governor Jared Polis’ request was for $226.9 million. The JBC figure is forecast to fund about 85 percent of eligible students, the percentage expected to actually enroll. The appropriation will be in the school finance bill or a separate Kindergarten bill expected to be unveiled soon.
    • $77 million placeholder for buy down of the Budget Stabilization Factor in the to-be-introduced School Finance Act. 

    Read the full details in the March 22 School Board Advocate.

    Full-day Kindergarten Bill Introduced
    The full-day Kindergarten bill, HB19-1262, was introduced on Friday, March 22, and will be headed to the House Education Committee. There is a full-day Kindergarten Advocacy Day planned for Wednesday, April 3. A couple of new resource documents include:

    Governor’s Budget

    On Wednesday, January 16, Governor Jared Polis presented his proposed 2019-20 budget amendments to the Joint Budget Committee with full-day Kindergarten being his top priority. The Full-day Kindergarten Background document provides an overview of this proposal and CASB’s position.

    A few relevant points from the Governor’s proposed budget amendments include:

    • Free full-day Kindergarten ($227 million — summary provides additional detail)

    • Full-day Kindergarten Implementation Support ($25.7 million)

    • Additional CPP Slots (preschool access) ($13 million)

    • Education Leadership Council proposed programs ($10 million)

      • Bolster teacher training and retention efforts ($3 million)

      • Principal training ($1 million)

      • High school students earn industry credentials ($3 million)

      • Expand concurrent enrollment programs that allow high school students to take college courses at no cost ($1.5 million)

      • Provide career coaches for high school students ($1.5 million)

    • Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Incentives to Teach in Rural Colorado — $6.5 million

    • Maintains the Hickenlooper-proposed $77 million buydown of the Budget Stabilization factor (negative factor)

    For more information:


    Special Delegate Assembly was held on Thursday, February 28, during the 2019 CASB Winter Legislative Conference. 
    A Special Delegate Assembly was called because the topic of taxpayer inequities in school funding is gaining steam in the media and at the legislature, and the likelihood of legislation that would re-establish a uniform statewide mill levy continues to increase. The nature of this proposal is complex and its effects are significant to CASB membership. Learn more. 

    Proposed Legislation
    During each legislative session, on average 80 education-related bills are considered. The 2018 CASB resolutions adopted through the Delegates Assembly guide CASB’s advocacy and legislative platform. The CASB Legislative/Resolutions Committee meets to take positions on legislation based on our membership’s direction provided through adopted resolutions.

    The following interactive graphic allows you to delve deeper into bills proposed this legislative session. It can be used during regular legislative updates at school board meetings, allowing you to drill down to additional information as the session proceeds (interactive links take you to the proposed legislation, CASB’s position, where it stands in the legislative process, etc.).