Exhibit Opportunities
  • Join us at the Brown Palace for our 2019 CASB Winter Legislative Conference. We have a full day of general sessions and breakouts scheduled for Thursday, February 28th and a half-day at the Capitol on Friday, March 1.


    7 - 8:45 a.m.  Continental Breakfast (Promenade)

    7:30 - 8:45 a.m.  BREAKOUT SESSIONS

    1. CASB in 2019 (Brown Palace Club) 
      Ken Delay, executive director, CASB; Kathy Gebhardt, president, CASB Board of Directors and board member, Boulder Valley School District
      Join Ken and Kathy as they share information in regard to the challenges and opportunities they see for CASB and public education in 2019.
    2. Hands-on with Deliberative Engagement: Tools and Resources for Better Conversations and Collaborative Decision-Making (Onyx Room)
      Martín Carcasson, Ph.D. CUS Communication Studies professor and founder/director Center for Public Deliberation and Communication Studies
      As you approach advocacy, this session will provide a brief overview of Dr. Carcasson's work concerning wicked problems and deliberative engagement, and then focus on specific tools and resources for school districts to utilize to build capacity for better conversations and collaborative decision making in their schools, districts and communities.

    9 - 10:15 a.m.  GENERAL SESSION (Grand Ballroom)

    Tackling Wicked Problems through Facilitative Leadership and Deliberative Engagement
    Martín Carcasson, Ph.D. CSU professor, Communication Studies and founder/director Center for Public Deliberation and Communication Studies

    Dr. Carcasson's presentation will focus on how viewing and framing issues through a wicked problems lens - rather than an adversarial one - helps to elevate the quality of discussion, as well as increase the potential for sustainable, collaborative actions to better address the issue. Drawing on his research and twelve years of practitioner experience, Carcasson will introduce the concept of wicked problems, share current research from social psychology and brain science that explains why addressing wicked problems well is so difficult, and then lay out an argument for building local capacity for authentic, productive engagement in your advocacy work. The ideas and tools shared will be applicable to conversations in our schools, our district offices, our communities and the state as a whole. 

    Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., is a professor in the Communication Studies department of Colorado State University (CSU), the founder and director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), which was recently awarded a "Civvy" Award in Washington, D.C., as a national example of a best practice in civic collaboration and collective action. Dr. Carcasson currently served as the chair of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation Board of Directors. His research focuses on helping local communities address "wicked problems" more productively through improved public communication, community problem solving and collaborative decision-making. The CPD is a practical, applied extension of his work, and functions as an impartial resource dedicated to enhancing local democracy in Northern Colorado. Dr. Carcasson trains students to serve as impartial facilitators who then work with local governments, school boards, and community organizations to design, facilitate and report on innovative projects and events on key community issues. His research has been published in Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Communication Theory, National Civic Review, Colorado Municipalities, The International Journal of Conflict Resolution and the Quarterly Journal of Speech. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and three children. 

    10:15 - 10:45 a.m.  REFRESHMENT BREAK (Promenade)

    10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  BREAKOUT SESSIONS

    1. Steps in Advocacy: How to Stay on Track (Brown Palace Club)
      Matt Cook, director public policy and advocacy, CASB; Anne Guettler, board member, Garfield Re-2 and board of directors, CASB; Doug LIdiak, board member, Weld County 6 and board of directors, CASB
      Join this engaging session where you will pick up valuable tips for staying on track with your advocacy efforts.
    2. What's Next for the Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition? (Tabor/Stratton Rooms)
      Carrie Warren-Gully, board of directors, CASB and board member, Littleton Public Schools; Joyce Brooks, education chair, NAACP; Krista Spurgin, executive director, Stand for Children; Amie Baca-Oehlert, president, CEA
      Moderator: Ken DeLay
      In July 2016, a broad and diverse coalition formed based on widespread concern in the education community that people are accepting Colorado's current school funding as the new normal. This coalition included the traditional education community as well as advocacy organizations with a focus on equity and civil rights. After launching the Colorado Education Network and running the Amendment 73 statewide school funding ballot campaign, what's next? Can this group of organizations representing diverse expertise and abilities continue to work together strategically to create a whole that is greater, more efficient and more effective than the sum of its parts? Panel members will share lessons learned and current efforts underway to ensure Colorado's public schools receive adequate, equitable and sustainable funding to meet the educational needs of all Colorado students.
    3. Advocacy Efforts for Social and Emotional Learning Programs (Onyx Room)
      Sarah Davidon, research director, Mental Health Colorado; Laura Case, president, Board of Education Estes Park School District
      Join this session to learn about advocacy efforts involving challenges and successes in putting together Social-emotional learning programs that benefit districts students and communities.

    12:00 - 1:15 p.m.  LUNCH AND LEARN GENERAL SESSION (Grand Ballroom & Promenade)
               More information coming soon!

    1:30 - 2:45 p.m.  BREAKOUT SESSIONS

    1. School Finance and the State Budget: How to Navigate the Fine Line (Brown Palace Club)
      Jennifer Oakes, chief operating officer, School Finance Division, CDE; Lauren Larson, director, Office of State Planning and Budgeting
      School finance and the state budget are not oxymorons. Hear current information and details associated with efforts to understand our state budget in light of the current climate of school finances. 

    2. BEST Grants and Advocacy Efforts (Tabor/Stratton Rooms)
      Kathy Gebhardt, president board of directors, CASB and board member, Boulder Valley School District; Andy Stine, director, Capital Construction; Tim Reed, board chair and executive director, Facilities and Construction Management, Jeffco
      This session will focus on the intricacies of the BEST Grant Program and the application and funding process, as well as provide an overview of the program as a whole, its challenges and successes. Hear about current legislation along with ongoing advocacy efforts. 
    3. What the 2020 Census Means to School Districts: Help Your Community Count (Onyx Room)
      Lily Griego, census partnership coordinator, 2020 Census; Dustin Senger, census partnership specialist, 2020 Census
      Advocate for your district and community by learning about important topics of communication in regard to the 2020 Census. As a trusted voice in your community, you'll discover ways to lead communications about the 2020 Census. Join a powerful movement of government, nonprofit, corporate and community organizations finding solutions to count everyone once, only once and in the right place. With full participation, the once-a-decade population count will drive more than $8 billion in federal funds annually into Colorado, including assistance to schools and their families. 

    2:45 - 3 p.m.  REFRESHMENT BREAK (Promenade)

    3 - 5 p.m.  CLOSING GENERAL SESSION (Grand Ballroom)

    Taxpayer Equity and Fiscal Policy Panel Discussion

    5:30 - 7:30 p.m.  EDUCATION LEADER AND LEGISLATOR RECEPTION (Brown Palace Club)
    Meet and mingle with legislators during this casual reception. This is time for board members to put a name to a face, ask questions and advocate for a position. Make connections that will pay dividends this session. 

    FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019

    7:30 - 8:30 a.m.  BREAKFAST MEETING (Grand Ballroom and Promenade)
    Matt Cook, director, public policy and advocacy, CASB
    Join Matt for this second conference day for an update on the current legislative actions. Bring your appetite and questions for an engaging session. 

    8:30 - 10 a.m.  TIME AT THE CAPITOL

    Don't miss this opportunity to see the legislative process first-hand. Contact your legislators in advance and you may gain an invitation to view the proceedings from the chamber floor!

    10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.  GENERAL SESSION (First Baptist Church of Denver, 1373 Grant Street)
    What Colorado's Community Survey Results Mean for School Board Members and Public Education
    Todd Vitale, owner, Vitale and Associates

    Todd has served as a pollster and a strategy and communications consultant to dozens of campaigns and corporate brands. He provided political polling and campaign strategy advice for more than fifty candidates in the last three election cycles. Prior to launching his firm in Colorado, Todd served three years as an executive with the Washington DC-based public affairs consulting firm Grassroots Enterprise, Inc. Todd also helped establish and grow a firm that uses technology to win public policy issue campaigns and manage stakeholders on behalf of large companies, coalitions and non-profit organizations. Hear what Todd has to share regarding Colorado's Community Survey results which directly impact your board work.