PERA Service Retirees (HB 17-1176)

  • HB 17-1176 provides rural school districts with more flexibility
    to hire PERA service retirees

    Rural school districts in Colorado continue to experience critical shortages of teachers, school bus drivers and school food service cooks. A qualified work force to draw from and fill these important positions simply does not exist in many rural communities. One solution proposed this past legislative session was to expand the pool of qualified candidates by allowing public employees’ retirement association (PERA) service retirees to fill these vacancies and work for a rural school district for any length of employment in a calendar year without a reduction in PERA benefits. As a result, the Colorado Legislature passed HB17-1176, which modified the current PERA employment after retirement provisions for certain retirees hired by a rural school district.


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    Rural school districts have more flexibility to hire PERA service retirees

    Sample board resolution declaring a critical shortage