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CASB offers periodic podcasts that can be listened to from your computer, smart phone, downloaded as an mp3 file, or downloaded to your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes. To save the .mp3 file to your computer, right click and select "save link as." iTunes users can subscribe to CASB Podcasts at Colorado iTunes U. Go to the iTunes Store and search for CASB Podcasts. Then click subscribe. CASB Podcasts will show up in your iTunes U folder in iTunes.

Listen now: Highlights of resolutions being considered at CASB Delegate Assembly

Tune in to Michelle Murphy’s podcast on the hot-button resolutions CASB Delegates will be debating on Sept. 27.

Listen Now: Lobbying efforts that start at home

Tune in to Jane Urschel and Kristine Woolley's podcast on lobbying efforts you can do now in your own districts and communities to gear up for the next legislative session.

Listen Now: Lobbying tips

Tune in to Michelle Murphy and Kristine Woolley's podcast on tips to help you prepare to testify at the state capitol.

Listen Now: Recap of 2014 Legislative Session

Tune in to Jane Urschel's 10-minute podcast on bills, thrills and other highlights that took place this session under the gold dome.

Listen Now: March Economic Forecast, Student Success Act, School Finance Act
Tune in to hear Jane Urschel’s 9-minute podcast on what happened under the gold dome this week and why our members must keep up the momentum with their legislative efforts.

Listen Now: CASB's position and update on Student Success Bill (HB 1292)
Tune in to hear Jane Urschel's 4-minute podcast highlighting CASB's actions on the Student Success Bill.

Listen Now: Employee Nonrenewals: Let CASB help you prepare for the June 1 deadline
Tune in to hear Attorney Beth Friel guide school districts through the process of nonrenewing probationary teacher contracts.

Listen Now: Jane's Legislative Roundup: Bills to Show, Bills for No, and Some for Go
Tune in to hear Jane Urschel give a 17-minute under-the-gold-dome recap for the week ending Feb. 14, 2014.

Listen Now: Jane's Legislative Roundup: Look Back, Look Ahead, Look Out!
Tune in to hear Jane Urschel give a 20-minute under-the-dome recap for the week ending Jan. 17, 2014.

CASB Podcasts Archive

If you need help listening, downloading or using iTunes for CASB Podcasts, please contact Wendy Meyer at 303-832-1000 / 800-530-8430.