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November 11, 2011

State Board adopts educator effectiveness rules

The Colorado State Board of Education took a significant step Wednesday toward the implementation of the requirements of SB 191.

The State Board voted unanimously to adopt rules governing the design and implementation of teacher and principal evaluation systems. The rules now move to the Attorney General’s Office and then to the General Assembly for review and approval.

CASB believes the rules appropriately reflect the state and local partnership contemplated by the Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluation Act, as amended by SB 191. We are currently developing resources to help school boards define their role in the design and implementation of the new systems and will continue to work with CDE and other state partners to assist districts in this work.
Please visit our Educator Effectiveness webpage and CDE’s Resource Bank for additional information and resources.

State Board delays adoption of graduation guidelines

Per state law, the State Board of Education was slated to adopt graduation guidelines next month. However, given the many reform efforts the state is juggling – SB 191, CAP4K, SB 163, etc.– CDE staff Wednesday requested a delay in adopting graduation guidelines so that they can be better aligned with the slate of reforms the state is in the process of implementing.

As you may recall, HB 07-1118 established the Graduation Guidelines Development Council to study the issue and make recommendations to the State Board. This process was completed in May 2008. In the meantime, school districts were to work with their communities to determine the skills students will need to be successful after graduation. Using the resulting community blueprint and the graduation guidelines adopted by the State Board, school districts were to revise their graduation requirements for the 2012-13 school year.

This week, the State Board agreed with the request by CDE staff to delay the adoption of the guidelines. Rather than adopting graduation guidelines in December, CDE is working with state legislators to amend the existing deadlines in state law, both for the adoption of guidelines by the board and the revision of graduation requirements by districts. No specific dates have been set at this time, but the department would like to have the Graduation Guidelines Council reconvene and revise its recommendations by spring of 2013. CASB will keep you posted as the clean-up legislation procedes once the General Assembly gets rolling in January.

More information on the community blueprint process can be found on CASB’s Advocacy webpage.