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What is Twitter?

You’ve probably heard of Twitter, but may not know what it’s all about. Twitter is a leading social media site that has exploded into an effective, real-time and fun communications tool. “Followers” on Twitter get brief (no more than 140 characters) updates from those they follow. These updates, called Tweets, may also include Web links to additional information, documents or photos. To see the Tweets from those people or organizations you are following, you have to login to your account through an Internet browser. Twitter is ideal for mobile users, because it’s quick and easy to read. Twitter is different from Facebook in that it is typically less interactive. Mostly, Twitter is a way to communicate out, not to create an ongoing dialogue.

You can also Tweet to anyone following you. Just enter your message in the “What’s Happening?” field and click update.

Getting Connected

To begin following CASBConnect, you first have to have a Twitter account.

 It’s easy to sign up:

1) Go to

2) Fill out name, email and password and click "sign up." Twitter will validate the information and ask you for a username. The username will be your Twitter "handle," so choose something you want to be know by on Twitter. It can be your name or something creative. It will validate if the username is available. Twitter will walk you through some optional steps to get started. 

3) Follow @CASBConnect by clicking the link. 

Following CASB

Once you are following CASB Connect, you will need to login to your Twitter account to see the latest Tweets. Be sure to check on a daily basis. You will not receive an email when new Tweets are posted. If you follow others on Twitter, those messages will also show in your Twitter account. If you want to see only what CASBCapTweets has posted, you can go directly to our Twitter page at

Need help?

If you need help understanding Twitter, here are a couple of informative Web pages:

Or you can contact Kristine Wooley, CASB director of communications, at 303-302-3811 or 800-530-8430.